About She Racing

She Racing is a platform created specifically for female motorsports drivers and enthusiasts. Our sole purpose is to promote and support females in the sport of high performance driving by offering a platform where we can join together as a community of She Racers. All women in motorsports - ranging from spectators, to beginners who are just starting out, to experienced racers - will be able to use She Racing as a valuable resource for women’s racing products and services, to develop and promote your own personal brand and to connect with potential sponsors. You will also find the latest information about tracks and upcoming events as well as helpful ways to develop your skills and maximize performance through interactive tools, including health and fitness programs.

At this time our focus includes

• Stylish, high quality and affordable merchandise tailored to female drivers and enthusiasts

• Individual and group on-track driving experiences including introduction as a driver or passenger in a racecar and high performance driving instruction for developing or advancing your racing skills

• Insightful information about popular racetracks and upcoming events

• Products and services from partners who cater to the female market such as arrive and drive rentals, driver coaching, track support, and car transport

• Health and fitness programs to get you physically ready for peak performance

As our platform develops over the coming months, we will be adding

• A platform where She Racers can create a digital resume by posting photos, videos and experiences to share with your friends and family, or to promote your personal brand and reach potential sponsors

• An interactive forum where She Racers of all skill levels can learn from each other by discussing your questions or concerns and share tips and tricks with one another

• A line of racing equipment designed to be safe, comfortable and still allows you to look like a woman

• An online racing league to refine your skills and gain virtual experience with different cars and tracks

We hope you enjoy the She Racing platform and we welcome your feedback and suggestions. You can contact us here.

How She Racing Started

When I first became involved in racing, I found that there are virtually no products or services available specifically for women. Off the shelf racing gear is almost entirely directed toward men, racing seats are built for the male physique, the list goes on and on. Let’s face it – racing is a male dominated sport and to figure out everything you need to get started and then position yourself to progress can be both daunting and discouraging.

I also learned that in order to become a serious racer, or even to offset some of the expense, you need to develop your personal brand and promote yourself. In addition to performing well at the track, you need to establish yourself as a respected racer and market yourself in order to get the exposure necessary to attract sponsors and be considered for membership on racing teams.

Realizing that there are plenty of other women out there who either already have or will have to face some of the same challenges, I started thinking about creating a brand dedicated to women in motorsports. I began talking about the concept to other drivers, racing coaches, teams and event coordinators and I discovered that there was nothing like this out there. The more I talked about my ideas for the brand the more excited I became because I learned that there are a lot of people – male and female - who would like to see more women in motorsports and would love to find ways to help. I became convinced that establishing She Racing was something I needed to do as a catalyst for further advancing women in the sport. And as I work on plans for the different aspects that will be developed as part of the evolving business model, I become even more passionate about all the ways She Racing can bring together women who love motorsports and make available the resources to help us be safe, to perform at our best, and most importantly to have fun.

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She Racing, LLC is a platform created specifically for female motorsports drivers and enthusiasts.  Our sole purpose is to promote and support women in the sport of high performance driving by offering a platform where we can join together as a community of She Racers.

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