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Mental toughness is hard to describe. It is possessing qualities that allow a person to persevere through a difficult experience and come out of it with their confidence intact. Motivation is the root of mental toughness.

How do you get mental toughness? By placing yourself in positions where you have to challenge yourself frequently. By pushing yourself through tough situations. By preparing yourself mentally and physically for each event. Things don’t always go your way, and you have to be able to handle what life throws at you without becoming flustered or overly stressed. This ability makes you stronger, more confident, and better able to handle yourself in tough situations like racing.

Prepare yourself for each race. Eat and hydrate well in the days leading up to the race and on race day (and pack energizing foods to have before and after the race), get proper rest before your race, practice meditation and the ability to focus on tasks at hand with calm determination, visualize the race track in your mind so you know where each curve is, check the car out several times prior to the race and “warm up” before the race with appropriate stretches.

In other words, develop a pre-race “strategy” that is always the same and stick with it so that you feel comfortable, calm and prepared for each and every race. This comfort will develop the confidence needed to successfully get through the race no matter what comes up.

And most of all, have fun doing what you love to do!

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